Totapuri Mango Pulp (OTS Cans) is extracted from high-quality and selected ripened Totapuri Mango fruits. Mangifera Indica, commonly known as mango, is a species of flowering plant in the family Anacardiaceae. Totapuri Mango with a parrot-like beak at the fruit tip, greenish yellow skinned Totapuri is a perfect blend of sweetness and tartness. It has a rich aromatic flavour. Totapuri mangoes are considered to be the most process able variety due to its larger size and smaller seed with higher pulp content. It is a seasonal fruit that will be available from May to July.

  • Packing : OTS can packing. 3.1 kgs net weight x 6 cans per carton box.
  • Container Loading : 1000 cartons per 20 ft container.
  • Storage : Ambient. Temperature Less than 30 deg C
  • Shelf Life : 24 months

Physical & Chemical Specification:

Parameter UOM Minimum Maximum
Brix Value at 20 deg C  as Deg Bx (TSS) 14 16 to Natural
pH value at 20 deg C Value 3.6 4.2
Acidity (%) by Titremetry as % Citric Acid anhydrous 0.35 0.60
Consistency in Ford
Cup No 8 at 20 Deg C
seconds 25 65

Microbiological Specification:

Parameter UOM Minimum Maximum
Total Plate Count cfu/ml NA Less than 10
Yeast & Molds cfu/ml NA Less than 10
Coliforms cfu/ml NA Absent
E Coli cfu/ml NA Absent
Pathogens cfu/ml NA Absent
Thermophilic Spores cfu/ml NA Absent

Organoleptic Specification:

Appearance (By Visual) : Uniform, homogeneous smooth,slightly thick consistency,free form fibres and any foreign and extraneous matter.
Aroma (By organoleptic) : Natural characteristic prominent aroma of natural ripe Totapuri mango fruit and free from any fermented & off flavour.
Taste (By Mouthfeel) : Natural characteristic prominent taste of natural ripe Totapuri mango fruit with typical acidic & sour sweet taste.

Parameter UOM Minimum Maximum
Color NA Bright Yellow Deep Yellow
Black Specks Number NA Zero
Brown Specks Number NA 5
Peel Particles Number NA 5