Alphonso Mango Pulp (OTS Cans) is extracted from high-quality and selected ripened Alphonso Mango fruits. Mangifera Indica, commonly known as mango, is a species of flowering plant in the family Anacardiaceae. Alphonso, the “King of Fruits”, also known as Badami, Hapus or Hapoos is in great demand in international and domestic markets because of its sourish sweet taste & rich aromatic flavour. It is an excellent source of Vitamin A & C. It is a seasonal fruit that will be available from April until the end of June. Alphonso mango is widely preferred by mango pulp manufacturers in India because of it various applications in food processing industries. We supply Alphonso mango puree worldwide to cater to the needs of both domestic and international clients.

  • Packing : OTS can packing. 3.1 kgs net weight x 6 cans per carton box.
  • Container Loading : 1000 cartons per 20 ft container.
  • Storage : Ambient. Temperature Less than 30 deg C
  • Shelf Life : 24 months

Physical & Chemical Specification:

Parameter UOM Minimum Maximum
Brix Value at 20 deg C  as Deg Bx (TSS) 16 16 to Natural
pH value at 20 deg C Value 3.6 4.2
Acidity (%) by Tritemetry as % Citric Acid anhydrous 0.35 0.60
Consistency in Ford Cup No 8 at 20 Deg C seconds 25 65

Microbiological Specification:

Parameter UOM Minimum Maximum
Total Plate Count cfu/ml NA Less than 10
Yeast & Molds cfu/ml NA Less than 10
Coliforms cfu/ml NA Absent
E Coli cfu/ml NA Absent
Pathogens cfu/ml NA Absent
Thermophilic Spores cfu/ml NA Absent

Organoleptic Specification:

Appearance(By Visual) : Uniform, homogeneous smooth,slightly thick consistency,free form fibres and any foreign and extraneous matter.

Aroma (By organoleptic) : Natural characteristic prominent aroma of natural ripe Totapuri mango fruit and free from any fermented & off flavour.

Taste (By Mouthfeel) : Natural characteristic prominent taste of natural ripe Totapuri mango fruit with typical acidic & sour sweet taste.

Parameter UOM Minimum Maximum
Color NA Golden Yellow Orange Yellow
Black Specks Number NA Zero
Brown Specks Number NA 5
Peel Particles Number NA 5