Red Papaya Pulp is extracted from fresh, sound mature, and selected Red Papaya fruits. Carica Papaya, commonly known as Papaya, is a species of flowering plant in the family Caricaceae. Papayas are large fruits, averaging anywhere between 15 to 50 centimeters in length, depending on the variety, and have an oval to pyriform shape. The skin is thin, semi-smooth, and waxy, bearing variegated hues of bright yellow, orange, and pale green when ripe. Underneath the surface, the flesh ranges in color from red, orange, yellow to pink and has a soft, dense, and aqueous consistency. In the center of the flesh, there is also an elongated cavity filled with a thin layer of white fibrous tissue that encases many small, round, and shiny black seeds. The seeds are edible, containing a peppery, slightly bitter flavor, and have a crunchy, slippery texture as they are covered in a gelatinous coating. Papayas have a mild, sweet, and musky flavor with tropical, fruity undertones.

Papayas are an excellent source of vitamin C, an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, and protects the cells against free radical damage. The fruits are also rich in calcium to protect bones and teeth, potassium to balance fluid levels within the body, vitamin A to maintain healthy organ functioning, and are a source of folate, fiber, iron, and magnesium. In addition to vitamins and minerals, papayas contain a beneficial enzyme known as papain that helps break down proteins for more efficient digestion.

  • Packing : Aseptic packing 215 kgs net weight. (Aseptic Bags - Polyliners & MS Drums).
  • Container Loading : 80 drums per 20 ft container
  • Storage : Ambient. Temperature Less than 30 deg C
  • Shelf Life : 24 months

Physical & Chemical Specification:

Parameter UOM Minimum Maximum
Brix Value at 20 deg C  as Deg Bx (TSS) 8.0 11.0
pH value at 20 deg C Value 3.8 4.2
Acidity as % Citric Acid w/w 0.45 0.60
Consistency cm / 30 sec at 20 deg C Centimeters 8.0 14.0

Microbiological Specification:

Parameter UOM Minimum Maximum
Total Plate Count cfu/ml NA Less than 10
Yeast & Molds cfu/ml NA Less than 10
Coliforms cfu/ml NA Absent
E Coli cfu/ml NA Absent
Pathogens cfu/ml NA Absent
Thermophilic Spores cfu/ml NA Absent

Organoleptic Specification:

Appearance (By Visual) : Uniform, homogeneous smooth & viscous free form fibres and any foreign and extraneous matter.
Aroma (By organoleptic) : Natural characteristic prominent aroma of natural ripe papaya fruit and free from any fermented & off flavour.
Taste (By Visual) : Natural characteristic prominent taste of natural ripe papaya fruit with sweet taste. 

Parameter UOM Minimum Maximum
Color NA Bright Red Deep Red
Black Specks Number NA Zero
Brown Specks Number NA 5
Peel Particles Number NA 5